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Our Mission

To reflect the true love of Christ that shows itself through action, commitment and unconditional acceptance of all people;  to perpetuate  hope  for our community and our world by being consistently mindful of the indescribable gifts God has bestowed upon us ‚Äčand to express gratitude for such; to continually seek to grow in truth and wisdom as we earnestly strive to follow the teachings and walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

First Presbyterian is a vibrant church often described as "the nightly little church that could." The congregation works diligently to be a church whose worship services, diversified programs and many events meet the needs of all who walk through our doors. We seek to be a sacred place where compassion is in abundance and solutions to challenges are earnestly sought, so that we might, through the grace of God, be a lifeline for those in need. We seek to be a place that promotes, celebrates and teaches peace. We believe that God generously loves every human being, and we, therefore, strive to emulate this example. We invite and embrace young and old,  gay and straight, rich  and poor, believers  and seekers - all from many backgrounds  of  all  races  and ethnicities.

Our Vision as an Alternative

Ready for an alternative to church as usual?

Ready to be engaged:

- with the issues of our day

- with people in our community

- with intentional spiritual practices?

Not with judgment, fear, and condemnation,

Not with sentimentality and blind optimism.

But, with hearts open to God

who is Spirit,

who is the ground of our being,

who is the depth dimension in life,

who, ultimately, is Love.

As we see in the teaching and life of Jesus,

we live into hope and joy,

trusting that we live in God,

who calls us daughters and sons,

and invites us,

and everyone else,

to share a common table.

Welcome to an inclusive community.